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(On the art of self-confidence)

"A bold presence" is rooted in research, filled with personal stories and historical anecdotes that reflect my affinity for storytelling. The aim is to provide you with a resource that helps you dismiss the debilitating voices, discover your strengths, and cultivate self-confidence. This book is a companion to gradually build your self-confidence, overcome obstacles and navigate life. 

a bold presence book

Praise & Reviews

"A Bold Presence" is an inspiring read for those who seek to improve their self-confidence. The author does an exceptional job of relaying complex psychological concepts in simple, everyday language. What I liked most about this book is how it encourages readers to deeply introspect and take proactive steps towards self-improvement.

Abigail Duah

This book is a great ressource for anyone who struggles with self-confidence. I found it particularly useful in my daily life, it's methods were easy to apply and the author shared personal stories which made it relatable

John Gustav

The book is Understandble and insightful. It providesmultiple strategies for gaining confidence and maintaining it; however, there was no conclusion in the end of the book. 

Yaa Kete

Rasheeda Adams-author

About Rasheeda Adams

I’m a writer. I’ve published  books of poetry and prose. I mostly write on self-improvement and self-development in my non-fiction work, but when it comes to my poetry, my head is in the clouds.

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