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Rasheeda Adams' Biography

Rasheeda Adams- author
"I have a perpetual interest in self-growth and periodic self-transformation."

Rasheeda Adams is an entrepreneur who shares her professional and personal wisdom with the world. Her latest book A Bold Presence, is an encouraging piece, guiding readers to build confidence in themselves in order to live authentic and fulfilled lives.


Rasheeda published her first book on Real Estate Investing in 2022. Though she has been telling stories for much of her life, the medium has been different up to this point; mainly in television and on social media.


She has always been a voracious reader and after a lifetime of absorbing literature and listening to other people’s thoughts, she began scribbling down her own. 


Rasheeda Adams is a Real Estate Developer and Entrepreneur by profession, and lives in Ghana, West Africa, with her daughters; Salma and Aaliyah. 

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