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Dramatic Flowers

From the depths of my heart:


Body Builder
Storm Clouds

In the eye of the storm

Yesterday there was a huge storm,

And vernal winds that howled and roared.

I huddled in my humble hut,

As nature raged and wildness soared.


The tempest raged for hours and hours,

The winds howling with all their might.

I feared my home would be destroyed,

And prayed it would make it through the night.


The sound was deafening and frightening,

As nature showed her rawest power.

I clung to walls that shook and quivered,

For in that moment, life turned sour.


Yet as the night wore on and on,

And the storm began to slowly ebb.

I noticed something to my joy,

My home had survived this wild tempest.


Yes, it still stood, though quite battered,

My little hut had weathered well.

It wasn't much, but it was home,

And had stood firm through that stormy hell

Blue Background
Liquid Bubbles

At frosted hair, i pine.

Living in times so hard,

Where hope is but a shard,

My hair now frosted with age,

I pine for days of no rage.


The world around us bleak,

With every day a new peak,

Of troubles and of strife,

That brings us to the end of life.


But still we must carry on,

Though our spirit may be gone,

For even in the darkest hour,

There's still a seed of power.


To rise above the fear,

And all the suffering and tear,

To find within our soul,

The strength to make us whole.


So though my hair be frosty,

And the world around may cost me,

I hold on to the love and light,

That guides me through the night.

Trees between Hills

Ayotunde: Happiness has come again


My happiness has come again,

A radiant and joyous light.

Casts a glow upon my heart,

And fills my days with delight.

A sweet and cherished boon.

I will call her Ayotunde.


She has come into this world with grace,

A glowing star bright and new.

A bundle of joy in my embrace,

My heart sings anew.


With every coo and every smile,

My love for her grows.

She'd make my life feel so whole

For she, is my greatest show.


I'll watch her grow with awe and pride,

Guiding her to her fate.


For so long I wandered lost,

Through lonely streets and dreary days.

But now my heart is found again,

And new hope lights my way.


The tree in my grandmother's yard

A tree stands tall in my grandmother's house,

Old and wise, with roots that run deep,

Its branches stretch towards the sky,

A steadfast presence, silent and discreet.


This tree has seen it all before,

It's been around for many years,

It's watched our family grow and change,

Through laughter, love, and tears.


It was there when we were born,

And there when we birthed our own,

A witness to the rhythms of life,

A silent sage that's grown and grown.


It's seen the loves we've lost,

The heartbreaks we've endured,

And yet it remains unshaken,

A monument to hope, and cure.


This tree knows all our secrets,

The stories we've held so tight,

For it has borne witness to our lives,

Our dreams, our struggles, our fight.

Bamboo Leaves

Cast down by poverty, it's hard to ignore,

The bitter taste of a life once adored,

Familiar delights now seem so far away,

And everyday life seems like a price we have to pay.


Gone are the days of leisure and excess,

When luxurious pleasures eased our stress,

Now we face a world of bleak despair,

Stripped of the comforts that were once there.


Goodbye to fine wine and lavish feasts,

To the little indulgences that brought us peace,

For when poverty comes knocking at the door,

There's little we can do but face the chore.


No more trips to the cinema or fancy dress,

Walking instead of a taxi, nothing I can impress,

But even as we feel the sting of loss,

There is strength in us to bear the cross.


For we know that what we sacrifice today,

Will bring sweeter rewards along the way,

And though we may suffer a time of drought,

At the end of the day, we'll rise and shout.

Cast down
by lack

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