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On the art of self-confidence

This book, is for everyone who has ever thought, "am I even good enough to be bold and confident?" And the answer to that is yes. Yes, you are.

a bold presence - book


On self-learning in a modern age

A guide to teaching yourself anything. Learn practical knowledge and skills to improve your life and push towards success and expertise in chosen endeavours.

Coming in December 2023

autodidact book


Musings on life, happiness, religion, achievements, politics and so on.

The only reason I wrote this book is that im an over-thinker and I needed somewhere to put my overflowing thoughts. These are my thoughts in their rawest form yet. Read at your own "peril".

thinking out loud book

Release date: April 2024

A Woman's Business

Whatsoever a woman chooses to do with her time and self, is a woman's business.

You are a woman, you need to live your life like one, and to do so, you need tailored guidance on how to handle your affairs in these modern times from various sources, to  improve yourself in various areas of your life, and live a well-fulfilled life. And most of the time those sources are going to be other women. Historical women, modern women, trailblazing women, those who have been there, done something, and brought back enough wisdom to impart. A woman's life requires that she factors in everything from childbirth and care, care of the elderly, of their entire households, and still face inequalities and injustices stemming from their sex. Read this book, know you're not alone, pick up bits of lessons from it, and who knows, you may be able to live life well despite your sex.

a woman's business book

Pre-order for October 2024.

Bloom; Poems From A Happy Place

A collection of light and inspiration poems for those moments when your soul feels most at home and fulfilled

Titles in this book include:

Ayotunde -My happiness has come once again

Those who feast together

The moon & her stars

Talents, us all

bloom-poetry book

Pre-order for December 2024.

In Silence


A book of poems from days more sombre, days when the present looks bleak, days when we need something, someone to latch unto, to hope, these poems are for those days.

In silence-poetry book

In Life, As In Golf

18 lessons in 18 holes

A collection of thoughts and lessons gathered from my time on the golf course. You may think, "strange, why would anyone who doesn't play a game want to read anything about it"? I see your concern, but delve into this book and you'll find that the parallels between the game of golf and life is too clear to ignore. And so I have compiled these life lessons, in an unlikely venue I must admit, but the lessons contained therein are not at all irrelevant to us all, living on this earth. 

In life as in golf-book

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