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"A bold presence" is rooted in research, filled with personal stories and historical anecdotes that reflect my affinity for storytelling. The aim is to provide you with a resource that helps you dismiss the debilitating voices, discover your strengths, and cultivate self-confidence. This book is a companion to gradually build your self-confidence, overcome obstacles and navigate life. That is why I wrote this book - to help us all shine, better our lives, and those of others. I wanted it to serve as a beacon, empowering everyone to overcome the crippling voices in our heads that hold us back from shining and showing up well-healed and well-heeled. Welcome to "A Bold Presence."


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  • In the pages of "A Bold Presence", my goal has been to examine individuals throughout history and around me, from various walks of life, who strike us with their strong, confident personas. Their stories endure for millennia, catching our attention and leaving lasting impressions. They're the ones we remember, we learn about, and write songs about because they possess that extra oomph - a "bold presence", that takes root in our minds and histories.

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